Budget Wedding doesn’t have to mean cheap

There’s that dread word “budget” with all the implications of a venue with torn carpets, bare tables, and so-so food.

I’m not going to tackle everything in one post (this will be a subject I’ll return to often) but I will relate that even my own wedding had to be scaled back due to some unforeseen financial setbacks. Life happens.

One area to economize in is decorations. You can still achieve a gorgeous look on low budget by using a critical and creative eye. I recently ran across this from Luna Bazaar and I love love LOVE the vintage look of mercury silver and baby’s breath.


There are more pictures at the link of chair and lighting decorations.

Eric and I had an outdoor wedding and made our centerpieces do double duty. I used ice buckets set in grapevine wreaths decorated by winding strings of small faux pearls and silk ivy leaves. Buckets held champagne or sparkling cider and the bucket handles tied with ribbon in our wedding colors.

Two things we didn’t scrimp on was the food (we went out and tasted a lot of catering dishes!) and photography. When all is said and done, photos really are the only tangible thing you’ll have when your wedding is over. Our photographer was great and we look back on our wedding images happy we kept him even through the rough spots.

Our wedding, July 14, 2001